Sharing the Wellness Message

Providing reliable sources for health and benefits information

The web is full of misinformation about health and wellness. Having an accurate, timely and reliable source cut through the noise is vital. That’s why we empower our members with a variety of digital resources that help them take an active role in their health and get the most out of their health plan.


On Connect, we host a social community featuring blogs, videos and infographics that engage members and prospective members in conversations around health, wellness and coverage. Registered Connect users can follow their favorite topics, like posts, add comments and ask questions.

Connect also provides culturally relevant content in Spanish for our Latino communities, as well as articles and resources on topics that are important to our Medicare members.

In 2017, Connect increased its reach, sharing community updates, health and wellness information, health insurance coverage guidance and more with over one million views.

Visit Connect, and join the conversation: Connect Illinois,  Connect Montana,  Connect New Mexico,  Connect Oklahoma and Connect Texas.

Connect en Español: Connect Illinois,  Connect New Mexico,  Connect Oklahoma and Connect Texas.


Our award-winning LifeTimes newsletter is emailed to more than 2 million members each month. The articles, videos and interactive tools help members improve their health and learn how to use their benefits to get the most for their health care dollars.

The site is easy to navigate and it's easy to find what I need - very helpful, especially with my busy schedule.


Anyone can find current and past articles on the LifeTimes website. Visit LifeTimes online:  Lifetimes Illinois,  Lifetimes Montana,  Lifetimes New Mexico,  Lifetimes Oklahoma, and  Lifetimes Texas.

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