Employee Groups

Employee groups play an important role in achieving business objectives

Business Resource Groups

How does a large organization help employees feel connected, respected and valued? At HCSC, we developed Business Resource Groups (BRGs) for employees to engage with others who share common perspectives and goals.

These voluntary, employee-driven groups are formed around a common set of goals that relate to a certain dimension of diversity, such as race, gender or culture. The groups contribute to our business by creating an inclusive culture, enhancing community outreach efforts and strengthening employee recruitment and retention.

For example, Senior Vice President and Controller Jim Kadela says serving as executive sponsor of the Asian American Business Resource Group has given him insight into the nuances across Asian cultures. “I have a better understanding of the unique perspectives each nationality brings to the table,” Jim says. And that insight, he says, helps him engage the members of his team as individuals.

Diversity and inclusion is an integral part of our workplace, and diverse teams drive innovative ideas and better serve our customers.

Our nine Business Resources Groups, with 41 chapters throughout the company, are:

  • African Americans in Motion
  • Asian American Business Resource Group
  • Engaging Millennial Energy to Recognize Growth Enterprisewide (EMERGE)
  • In-Abled
  • Latinos for Advancement
  • Pride Alliance
  • Native Americans in Progress
  • Supporters of Military Veterans
  • Women Improving the Strength of the Enterprise (WISE)


I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see others get connected and involved. - Jim Kadela

Employee Networks

Our Employee Networks enhance the engagement of our workforce through social gatherings, events and activities organized around an affinity, talent or common interest.

“At a time when much in society attempts to divide us, employee networks provide a channel for us to stand with one another,” says Khurram Taufiq, a senior actuarial associate who serves as co-chairperson of The Diversity Forum in Richardson, Texas.

The Diversity Forum fosters an inclusive and culturally competent workplace in which employees share mutual understanding and respect for one another. The network “provides a platform for us to learn about one another,” Khurram says. “Whether through a simple forum discussion or a speaker during a cultural festival, we are also exposed to new information.”

These are a few 2017 highlights of our three Employee Networks:

  • The Diversity Forum hosted a Lunar New Year festival that allowed employees the opportunity to understand the history behind the cultural festivities and participate in traditions celebrated by many East Asian countries.
  • Europa, which works to increase employees’ knowledge of various European cultures, co-hosted a monthly Gastronomy Club with The Diversity Forum. Participants sampled different cuisines to better understand the connection between food and culture.
  • Voices of Diversity, which spreads the message of diversity and inclusion through musical performances, honored our military veterans with performances on Memorial Day, Veterans Day and at the veteran job fair at HCSC’s Chicago headquarters.

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